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Cross Pendant-Diamond Painting Pendant (single side point drill)


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Product name: DIY creative cross home decoration pendant
Product size: as shown

Product material: Acrylic soft board

The perfect gift choice, very suitable for any gift-giving occasion, a gift for mom and your lover, wife, friend, girlfriend.

DIY point drill production steps:
1. Open the package and check whether the diamond painting tools are complete;
2. According to the color of the resin diamond, choose a color on the plate. If the same color is pasted at a time, the speed can be increased;
3. Find the corresponding color on the accessory, and start pasting until it is finished;
4. After finishing, in order to make the diamond stable, you can take some books and press them on the board for a while;

5. Then you can connect the rest of the small pendants to the bottom of the board through small chains, interlocking
6. Finally finished, you can hang up your results, decorate your home as much as you want, and add vitality to your home.


1. All products are manually measured, please allow 1-2 cm deviation
2. Due to the different light and screen, the color of the product may be slightly different from the picture.

1 *Cross pendant (need to drill by yourself)

1*Point drill tool and drill bag
pendant  [ˈpendənt]  详细X
n. 垂饰,坠饰;吊灯;短索;补充作品;三角旗
adj. 下垂的
Pendant: 坠子
Pendant Light: 舱顶灯
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