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Electrical Clothing Lint Removal Fuzz Shaver for Curtains/Carpets/Sweaters

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Material: use brand new ABS, high-quality electronic components

Rated voltage: EU:220V,US 50HZ 4.5W


Large rotating inner cutter head, high sharpness, quickly shaving hair ball

With a hair ring, easy to provoke all kinds of hair ball, and quickly shaved

Special with large storage, will not let the dander around

Stainless steel rotary, alloy razor, never rust.


1. Push the on-off key up and trim the fabric, Open the storage cover of the handle after the finish trim, you can remove the excluded hair ball.

2. The head can be rotated to disassemble, in order to prevent the debris, can blow with the wind, and a small comb can be used to clean up the fabric after the trim.

3. Push the switch, you can shave cashmere, put the clothes tiled on the table when shaving, let the net cover gently attached to the clothing back and forth to move, pay attention to the hair knot, to avoid damage.

4. When the shaving is finished, please clean the tool rest, net cover and the storage.


1, please do not use it for shaving beard.

2, hand-held machine should not press too heavy, just let the mesh close to the material.

3, shaving cashmere finished, please clean up the rotary, net cover and storage.

4, to avoid being used for a sweater is being worn.

Package Content:

1 x Lint Remover

1 x Cutting Head (Additional)

1 x Hair Brush

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