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Puzzle DIY Wood Assembled Building Blocks Toy Kids Educational Toy Gift

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Puzzle DIY Wood Assembled Building Blocks Toy Kids Educational Toy Gift for Adults Casual Game Toy
1. Can exercise the coordination of the hand, eyes and brain of a child, and improve the stability of the large muscles and small muscles of the hands;
2. To develop children's endurance and concentration;
3. Improve brain thinking and the balance of the cerebellum to stimulate children's potential creativity;
4. This set of toys is equally suitable for adults, with thrilling game effects, but also as a family game, to enhance parent-child relationship;
5. The use of non-toxic toy paint, the color of the wood, can better reflect the environmental protection and non-toxic.
6. The product can not only improve people's hand-eye coordination and willpower, but also can cultivate the balance force. At the same time, the construction process of building blocks can also improve patience and self-control, and can be used to flexibly apply hand muscles. It is important to increase the game player's friendship and emotions.

Material: Wood
Size: 152 X 152 X 52mm/5.98 X 5.98 X 2.05 in
Packing size: 155 X 155 X 55mm/6.1 X 6.1 X 2.17 in
Net weight: 210g
Gross weight: 225g
Product packaging: Color box

The color of the wood in each batch may be different and does not affect the use. Please understand.
Package Content:
1set X Building Blocks (48pcs)

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