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What Means "Buy 4 Get 1 Free"?

This is a common promotion on our website, which applies to the products of the whole site. "Buy 4 Get 1 Free" means you need to add at least 5 items to the cart, the lowest price item will be free. The discount percentage of orders is greater than 25%, the benefit is that you can add different types of products to enjoy discount at the same time, not just the same product.

Bigger discount if I buy a lot? How to Wholesale?

Our website offers wholesale deals for customers who like our products, learn more click:wholesale

Which Diamond Painting kits for beginners?

We design easy pattern for crafts to beginners.

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Difference between Full Drill and Parial Drill?

Partial Diamond Painting (Only part of the canvas area needs to be drilled, suitable for beginners and interested users, which can be done faster ), and the other is

Full Diamond Painting (All canvas areas require point drilling, suitable for a certain degree of familiarity with diamond painting, which finished DP Kits are better and more interesting).

Difference between Round/Square/Special/Luminous Drill?

1. Round Diamond
(EASY IS FUN - Most Customers Buy, suitable for beginners)
2. Square Diamond
(MORE CHANLLAGE - Suitable for someone with experience, which more suitable for such as landscape paintings requires more details, and the effect is better)
3. Special Shaped
(MORE SPARKLE - Since the drill is irregularly cut, which give you a sparkly diamond painting , you'll love it)
4. Luminous Diamond
(NEW ARRIVALS - luminous for night view)

How about shipping time? Available countries?

We can ship worldwide. In stock products shipped in 48H. Normally 7-15 business days. If the order is pre-sale or customized products, the delivery may be in 15-20 business days.

Whats included in a Diamond Painting Kit?

 Our store provide Diamond Painting projects sold as kits with all materials, which brings convenience to customers. You don't need to purchase diamonds, point pen, drawing and canvas separately, also there are 30000+ different patterns to choose from.

How to turn photo into diamond paintings?

Custom diamond paintings is the answer to your question. You can turn any photo into diamond paintings kit with our kits:CUSTOM FOR PHOTO

Click custom link & read details ----- upload your photo ----- choose right size ---- pay order

Will the canvas wrinkle when i receive?

Since our products need to be transported for a certain period of time before they can be delivered to the customer's location, it is inevitable that a certain degree of wrinkles will occur. We have tried to improve the packaging to reduce this occurrence, but some wrinkles will still be there. The solution is to restore the flatness of the canvas with an iron or heavy objects after receipt

What to do if a package is lost or damaged in transit?

We will be responsible for any customers who purchase on our website. If the package is damaged, please contact us with a photo of the package, and we will verify the situation and refund the money;

if the package is lost, we will help contact the logistics company to inquire and further confirm that it is a refund or resend



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