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Diamond Painting Tips for Beginners
07.27.2022 | ecoolbuy | Diamond painting

When you open your diamond painting kit for the first time, take a few minutes to organize your diamond drills. Consider “kitting up” your canvas to prepare, as this simple step will make the whole process easier. You may also want to invest in an upgraded, premium diamond applicator pen. While there’s nothing wrong with the placers that come with diamond painting kits, buying a more ergonomic one makes the process more enjoyable — especially for large canvases. There are also multi-placer diamond pens available that allow you to place more than one drill at a time. Having the right diamond painting tools will get you started enjoying your new hobby a lot sooner.

If you are working with square drills, be sure to have a ruler handy to help you keep them straight. This is much simpler than trying to remove and replace diamonds after realizing you placed them on the canvas crookedly! When using round drills, be extra careful to protect the canvas from dust and pet hair. Even after you finish your artwork, the gaps between round diamonds are perfect places for debris to accumulate.

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